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Way back in February or March of 2001 I was an extra on the set of a tv flick called The Colony, dressed as a cop! This was back when my hair was still long and I was dying it back to it's original brown colour for the sake of doing this type of work. (Instead of the usual pink dye I use - snarf! GASP...the truth is out - I'm not naturally pink! ; ) )

It's a schlocky made for tv b-movie (which isn't actually half-bad...for this kind of thing - I've seen worse big-screen flicks...har) now re-titled The Rats, about super rats (damned bio-technology) invading NYC's subway system and was scheduled to be aired September 2001....but certain events made the airing of something creepy going on in NYC not such a great topic for entertainment, so it finally aired on FOX a year later. I used to have many pet rats (domesticated ones from the pet store) so I wasn't the least bit freaked out by the movie. In fact I giggled through much of it - especially the scene where The Rats invade a public swimming pool en masse...and you can see their cute little tummies as they're "dog-padling" away! Hee hee!

It stars Vincent Spano, Mädchen Amick and Shawn Howard. I got to meet the two guys and they were both sweeties! : )

Me on set as a cop:

Me on set along with stars Vincent Spano & Shawn Howard:

My first appearance on screen, as a "civilian":

Funny rat close-up! Just looks cute to me! Snarf!

Even funnier rat close-up with fake fangs! LOL!

Me, mere seconds before Vincent Spano bumps me as he
rushes past and I get to glare at him for 'being so rude'!

My first appearance as a cop...just barely:

Woo Hoo! Here I am, centre-screen:

Full face frontal! Yeehaw!

My final moment on screen:

Pink Haired Wonder!