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Just what is it with the recent resurgence of fur garments? It seems suddenly okay for certain celebrities to parade around in dead animal skin. Hey! Just because the activism may have died down in recent years doesn't mean it's okay again. Shame on Goldie Hawn and her daughter for having a fur fashion show prior to Kate's wedding! Shame on Vera Wang for designing Kate's wedding dress with fur on it! Shame on Joan Rivers for wearing fur - well just shame on her, period! Particularly appalling is the new trend of dying real fur with wacky colours and patterns - THAT'S ESPECIALLY WHAT FUN-FUR IS FOR!!! What's more is that these silly women are in Hollywood! Tell me where in Hollywood that it gets cold enough to NEED to wear pelts for warmth. Fur appears to be regaining popularity in the 'common' sector as well. Ridiculous floor length abominations of all that is tasteful - and on men too. Don't tell me you need it for the warmth. It may be Canada, but we ain't in the Arctic honey, and you ain't an Inuit!

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February 2001