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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,


This is one of the things I love most in the world. There is a hypothetical question that asks: If God gave you the choice would you rather be blind or deaf, and you have to choose one. I don't think I could pick being deaf. I would certainly hope that I never go blind, but to lose the ability to hear music would crush me. Unfortunately I have not been graced with the talent, skill, patience nor coordination to create it myself. I actually think I must have been a dancer in a past life, the way music makes me feel from the inside out, but bad knees and like I said, no coordination nipped that in the bud! To list my favourite musicians is almost an impossible task because I like so many different types of music. To paraphrase Duke Ellington - there are only two kinds of music, good and bad - which I subscribe to wholly. I don't think there is any one TYPE of music that I don't like at least one example of, except perhaps New Country!

Other things that turn my crank....

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love....When one door closes another opens....If you love something, set it free....Love Hurts. Blechhh...whatever.....

Ahhh yes...well, a new phase has started in my life....the year 2002 has seen the end to a 13 1/2 year relationship with my first love. But with that demise comes a fresh start as a new love has entered my life, and he has awakened my spirit once again! (Things may have to change, though, when David Duchovny finally wises up - Tea Leoni...pah! - and comes a calling!) ; ) Then there are the critters that I love - my three wonderful but very naughty cats! For a very long time I also used to have pet rats! Wonderful, friendly and intelligent little creatures were they! Unfortunately they require a lot of maintenance, and the worst part is that they only live for a few years. It's hard to say good-bye to the little guys so soon! Then there was always the little matter of keeping the cages high enough to prevent shenanigans like this!

^, ,^     ^, ,^     ^, ,^
= * =     = * =     = * =

From the sublime to the ridiculous, I love a good film, and some that are so bad - they're good! But like music, there are so many to choose from it's hard to narrow it down. I like horror and suspense, drama and romance, comedy and tragedy. Westerns and foreign films are great too.... Here are some I've seen recently and some that always stick out in my mind!
I even enjoy working occasionally as a movie extra...unfortunately I've only been in pretty bad flicks so far, but I've had a lot of fun doing biggest "role" to date... ; ) LOL!

(No, that's not an oxymoron!)
I really am a child of television right from the get-go...Sesame Street. Mr. Rogers. Mr. Dress-Up. Uncle Bobby. Polka Dot Door. Captain Kangaroo. Electric Company. Zoom. Puf'n'stuff. The Hilarious House of Frightenstein....
Here are some more of my faves from over the years!

I like all kinds of art (and enjoy creating it too) - painting and sculpture - classical to modern - illustration, especially Aubrey Beardsley and Edward Gorey, but I've always had a thing for buildings, even when I was a kid. I like all different eras, but I think Victorian would have to be my favourite. Whether it's the ostentatious gingerbread covered creations so wonderfuly maintained in places like San Francisco or the grey, dank run down industrial factories and warehouses still lurking in the forgotten sections of town - I like them both! I also love Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. When I was a kid I wanted Mike Brady's job as an architect, and often built little model "dream homes"!

I love food! I love cooking it and I love eating it. Watching it on TV is great too! Someday I'd like to write a cookbook! I'm a vegetarian - since 1991! Classic comfort foods like mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese and even porridge are always welcome on my plate, but then so too are really spicy foods, Indian, Sri Lankan; Mexican is definitely on the top of my list! I love falafels and Lebanese food. Italian. Chinese. Thai. I like sweets too and I like to bake - I better, I do it for a living! Potatoes, garlic, corn, broccoli, chick peas, cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, avocadoes. Apples, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, peaches. Chocolate! Cinnamon! Marzipan! Breads. Bagels......So-o - Hun-gry.......
Guilty Pleasures....
Cinnabon Cinnamon Buns. Campbell's Mushroom Soup. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Salty Popcorn. Betty Crocker's Super Moist Cherry Chip Cake Mix. Poppers....And then there's Raspberry Kool-Aid....Bring Back The Berry! And just for fun, some "original recipes" I had printed from a now apparently defunct website which I originally set-up some time later for another eBayer who was interested in seeing them.

I prefer traditional forms of animation (and special effects for that matter - can't stand the new digital additions to Star Wars) - be it with cels or with stop-motion techniques - over modern computer generated ones, although I don't discount the latter altogether - Toy Story & Stuart Little are two fine examples. I enjoy the stop-motion classics by George Pal, Ray Harryhausen and Rankin Bass (Rudolph). Continuing in the fine tradition is Nick Park with Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run and also the makers of Mr. Bumpy! In a more avante garde vein there is The Brothers Quay. Classic 2-D animation has so much more resonance than computer generated 3-d cartoons. I don't think most of it holds a candle to Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, or Jay Ward (Rocky & Bullwinkle)! Some of my recent cartoon faves include The Simpsons, Duckman, Futurama, King of The Hill, Bob & Margaret and Beavis & Butthead (The Movie). Ned's Newt. Then there is the stuff that started it all - funnies in print, so simple yet so dynamic! My faves - Peanuts. Heathcliff. Sherman's Lagoon. Mother Goose And Grimm. For Better or For Worse. Adam. Non Sequitur. Zits. The Far Side. Calvin & Hobbes. Bloom County. Outland. Mutts. Overboard. Get Fuzzy. Citizen Dog. Foxtrot......Check Out This Awesome Toon Site!!


Did you realize that eBay is Pig Latin for Be? Does this title still fit?! : ) : ) : )

I have always had split feelings about advertising. On the one hand it is intrusive and manipulative. On the other, it can be incredibly creative and fun! When I wasn't busy thinking about Mike Brady's job, I thought it would be neat to have Darren Steven's job as an advertising agent! I still think it would be neat at times, but then again I don't think I could take the stress that goes along with a job like that. So instead, I collect stuff that has to do with advertising! Mostly I collect things to do with mascots, like figures and toys, eg. The Jolly Green Giant, Morris The Cat, etc! I had a lot of stuff before I found eBay, but now, thanks to eBay - or rather the sellers on eBay - I've got lots and lots of the rarer items that I just couldn't find anywhere else! I collect lots of other things too, but that's my biggest collection. I'd love to set up my collection like this eventually. I know that there are a bunch of changes coming to eBay, but I'll always be grateful for what I have already found here, whether it's been the toys or the rare books, cds and movies that I'd been trying to find for years and years before...and then of course there's the stuff I've been able to sell too, to pay for my habit!! ...And then there was The about how I came to love this eBay chatroom before it became a place full of vicious trolls hiding behind numerous ids to stalk and berate anyone they didn't agree with and spent countless hours on offsite rooms planning on how to best deflate the perceived egos of said enemies. On a cheerier note, here are some gifs I made for fellow eBayers!

Lest I seem bitter or spiteful, I will be forever and truly grateful for the genuine and wonderful friends I've met through eBay and The Soapbox....some of in person even - November 2001, Seattle
- especially my pal and best friend in the universe, Leggy a.k.a. legman90! : )

We Now Interupt The Broadcast To Bring You This Special Program....

    "If You're Canadian, Show Me Your Beaver....."    

    Click Me! I Dare Ya! ; )    

Thank you! And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...



People who dump out their car's ashtrays or food refuse out onto parking lots, or out the window as they're driving.
A.K.A. Pigs! Litterbugs in general!

Developers who
(a)Tear down perfectly good buildings with historical & architectural significance
(b)Cut down plots of 300 year old Maple Trees (or others)
(c)Level off countrysides and farming properties
All with the intent of building, new, cheap, pre-fab, aesthetically devoid
condos and housing for the unimaginative masses.

Corporations that befoul the earth with pollution and/or use underpaid foreign workers,
and who get away with it all through mega-bucks lobbying and/or sponsoring of politicians.

People who don't believe that there is anything wrong with the environment.

Bio-tech Corporations who have bought the okay from American and Canadian governments alike to force feed the populus untested and unproven genetically modified organisms concocted in their multi-million dollar laboratories.

The 95% of us that just sit back and watch blind and dumb to all of the things the government is slipping by us.

People who mispronounce victuals, nuclear, foyer, mauve, herb and February....
Victuals is an old word, but if you're going to use it, say it correctly -
it's just like the cat food - vittles, nuclear has only 2 syllables, the r is silent in foyer - foi-yae,
the au in mauve is pronounced as a long o, the h in herb is not silent
and February has 2 r's - and neither of those are silent either!
...and whatever happened to the proper question "May I?" Everyone asks "Can I?" now.

U.S. Sellers who refuse to, under any circumstance, sell to Canadians or Overseas.
Thankfully they are few in the eBay community. Remember - WWW stands for World Wide Web!!

Film Makers who remake classic movies or TV shows and almost always do it badly.
eg.The Haunting, Psycho, Bedazzled and many more.

People who wear fur.

Racists and Homophobes, and the religions that foster and sanction those attitudes.

People who don't spay or neuter their pets and then let them roam free outdoors.

Poachers who kill elephants, rhinos, bears, tigers and more. They inhumanely kill these great and endangered beasts for one part of their anatomy with no regard for the animals or for the long term survival of the species. The cruel methods they use to slaughter these poor beasts should in turn be used for their own demise.

People who procreate because they can, with no consideration to what kind of parents they might actually be - emotionally and financially - and with no regard for the lives they may be subjecting these children to.

Pro-Life Activists. If you don't believe in abortion, that's fine. It is your right to believe what you wish,
but don't go around tormenting the women who have had to make one of the most momentous and difficult decisions in their lives, and leave the doctors who help these women alone.

People who make Bad Music!

Whew! Okay, those are enough Negative Vibes for now! Back to my Happy Place!

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