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Canadian Inventions, Innovations and Inventors

Invention/Innovation Description/Achievement/Notes Inventor/Innovator Year
Totem Pole The first totem pole was a gift from Raven. It was named Kalakuyuwish, "the pole that holds up the sky." West Coast First Peoples  
Toboggan From the Algonquian word odabaggan Eastern First Peoples  
Tipi Tipis or Tepees are probably speciallized adaptations of Wigwams Plains First Peoples  
Kayak   Inuit  
Birch Bark Canoe   Eastern First Peoples  
Snow Shoes   Eastern First Peoples  
Lacrosse baggataway Iroquois and Huron  
Mcintosh Apple   John McIntosh 1796
Royal William First Atlantic Crossing Steamship John Gordie, Samuel Cunard 1833
Ship Propellor Screw Propellor John Patch 1789-1861 1833
Washing Machine   James Brown 1835
Newsprint   Charles Fenerty 1821-1892 1838
  First Atlantic Steamship Mail Service Samuel Cunard 1840
Compound Steam Engine   Benjamin Franklin Tibbetts 1813-1853 1842
Rust-Resistant Red Fife Wheat   David Fife 1843
Potato Digger   William Watts 1845
Kerosene   Dr. Abraham Gesner 1846
Andromonon 3-wheeled crank-driven vehicle propelled by levers beside the driver Thomas Turnbull 1851
Undersea Telegraph Cable trans-Atlantic in 1858 Fredrick Newton Gisborne 1852
Odometer   Samuel McKeen 1854
  Modern Ice Hockey   1855
  First Commercial Oil Well James Miller Williams 1856
Potato Digger   Alexander Anderson 1856
  Railway Sleeper Car Samuel Sharp 1857
  Air-Conditioned Railway Coach Henry Ruttan 1858
Automatic Foghorn steam driven Robert Foulis 1796-1866 1859
Green Ink used in printing currency (greenbacks) Thomas Sterry Hunt 1862
Locomotive Braking System   W. A. Robinson 1868
Spring Ice Skate Skate blades permanently attached to boot John Forbes 1868
Half-tone Engraving first published half-tone photo (blow-up) Georges Edouard Desbarats, William Augustus Leggo 1869
Rotary Railroad Snowplow   J.E. Elliott 1869
Automatic Machinery Lubricator The Real McCoy (87 patents) Elijah McCoy 1872
Rubber Shoe Heels   Elijah McCoy 187x
Lawn Sprinkler   Elijah McCoy 187x
Electric Light Bulb The patent was later sold to Thomas Edison Henry Woodward 1874
Telephone   Alexander Graham Bell 1876
Telephone Handset   Cyril Duquet 1878
Standard Time   Sir Sanford Fleming 1878
Electric Cooking Range   Thomas Ahearn 1882
Electric Streetcar   John Joseph Wright 1883
Complexion Cosmetic   Isabella Cornell 1885
Panoramic Picture Camera   John Connon 1887
Skates Blades that Attach to Boots and long blade (speed) skates J. A. Whepley 1888
Phonograph/Gramophone   Alexander Graham Bell & Emile Berliner 1889
Electric Car Heater   Thomas Ahearn 1890
Process to Extract Bromine   Herbert Henry Dow ~1890 ?
Portable Film Developing System Sold patents to George Eastman (Kodak) in 1903 Arthur Williams McCurdy 1890
Basketball the sport of basketball James Naismith 1891
Nickel and iron alloy light bulb leads Fessenden obtained 500 patents spanning many technologies Reginald Aubrey Fessenden 1892
Calcium Carbide viable Calcium Carbide process Thomas Leopold Wilson 1860-1915 1892
Acetylene viable production process Thomas L. Wilson 1892
Silicon Steel alloy used in electric motors Reginald A. Fessenden 1892
Superphosphate Fertilizer production process Thomas L. Wilson 1896
Wireless Radio   Reginald A. Fessenden 1900
Creed Telegraph System Converted Morse Code to Text Fredick Creed ~1900 ?
  Commercial Motion Picture Clifford Sifton 1903
Self-producing Acetylene Buoy   Thomas L. Wilson 1904
Radio-transmitted voice   Reginald A. Fessenden 1904
  First trans-Atlantic voice transmission Reginald A. Fessenden 1905
Canada Dry Ginger Ale   John A. McLaughlin 1907
Robertson Screw   Peter L. Robertson 1908
Marquis Wheat   Sir Charles E. Saunders 1908
Hydrofoil Boats Dhonnas Beag (Little Devil) Hydrodome #4 (HD4) held world speed record from 1919 until 1929 (70.86mph) Alexander Graham Bell, Casey Baldwin 1908
5 Pin Bowling   Thomas E. Ryan 1909
Chocolate Bar   Arthur Ganong 1910
Twin Plane first plane to fly powered by an air-cooled engine W. W. Gibson 1910
Railway Car Brake Dorey has 175 rail transport patents George B. Dorey 1913
Sonar   Reginald A. Fessenden 1914
Tracer Bullets   Reginald A. Fessenden 1914
Macpherson Gas Mask   Dr. Cluny Macpherson 1915
Process to Extract Helium from Natural Gas   Sir John Cunningham McLennan 1915
Insulin Process   Drs. Fredrick Banting, J. J. Macleod, Best, Collip 1921
Fathometer (precursor to sonar) Reginald A. Fessenden 1919
Snowmobile Ski-Doo Joseph-Armand Bombardier 1922
Variable Pitch Aircraft Propellor   Walter Rupert Turnbull 1922
Synchronized Swiming ornamental or scientific swimming   1923
Wirephoto   Sir William Stephenson 1924
AC Radio Tube   Edward Samuels Rogers 1925
Snowblower   Arthur Sicard 1925
Zipper   Gideon Sundback 1913
Television   Reginald A. Fessenden 1927
Electric Organ   Morse Robb 1928
Frozen Food   Dr. Archibald Hunstman 1929
Oil-Electric Locomotive   Samuel J. Hungerford 1929
Pablum   Drs. Alan Brown, Fredrick Tisdale, Theodore Drake 1930
Infrasizer and Superpanner Steel Ball Grinders H.E.T. Hautain 1930
Polymerized Methyl Methacrylate (Plexiglas/Perspex/Lucite - acrylics) William Chalmers 1931
Table-top Hockey Game   Don Munro 1932
Television Camera 1st modern television camera patent F. C. P. Henroteau 1934
  Norseman Bush Aircraft Robert Noorduyun 1936
Electron Microscope   Eli Franklin Burton, Cecil Hall, James Hillier, Albert Prebus 1937
Jiger ATV Jiger 6 wheeled all-terrain-vehicle John Gower 1937
Self-propelled Combine   Thomas Carroll 1938
Process to Obtain Magnesium   Dr. Lloyd M. Pidgeon 1939
Paint Roller   Norman Breakey 1940
Franks Anti-gravity Suit enables pilots to withstand high G forces Wilbur Rounding Franks 1941
Propellor De-Icer Electrothermal Aircraft De-icing T. R. Griffith & John L. Orr 1941
Walkie-Talkie   Donald L. Hings 1942
Electronic Music Synthesizer Hugh Le Caine 1945
Mapping Camera Calibrator   Les Howlett 1945
Automatic Control of Machine Tools AMCRO Eric W. Leaver 1946
  Electronic Flight Simulator CAE Electronics Ltd. 1947
  Radar Profile Mapping Recorder National Research Council of Canada 1947
Hydrometallurgy of Nickel & Copper   Dr. F. A. S. Forward 1949-1952
  Jetliner James Floyd 1949
Polyethylene Garbage Bag   Harry Wasylyk 1950
  first commercial jet airmail Avro C-102 1950
Heart Pacemaker   Dr. John A. Hopps 1950
Disposable Bag Nurser   Jean Saint-Germain 1950
Cobalt Bomb Cobalt 60 Cancer Radiation Therapy Dr. Harold Johns & Team 1951
Position Homing Indicator (PHI) automatic dead reckoning aircraft navigation instrument - indicates position and course Parsons, Dunlop & Curran 1952
Synthetic Sucrose   Dr. Raymond Lemieux 1953
Tuck-away-handle Beer Carton   Steve Pasjac 1957
Humane Fur-animal Trap   Frank Conibear 1957
Automatic Postal Sorter 200,000 letters per hour Maurice Levy 1957
Analytical Plotter 3D Map Making System - From Aerial Photographs Uno Vilho Helava 1957
R-Theta Navigation System continuous display of distance and compass heading to home base J.E.G. Wright 1958
Crash Position Indicator soft-landing radio location transmitter deployed just before a aircraft crash Harry T. Stevinson, David M. Makow 1959
Muskol Insect Repellant   Charles Coll 1959
Jolly Jumper   Olivia Poole 1959
  Bone Marrow Compatibility Test Barbara Bain 1960
Goalie Mask   Jaques Plante 1960
  CANDU Reactor Atomic Energy of Canada 1962
Instant Mashed Potatoes (dehydrated potato flakes) Edward A. Asselbergs 1962
Perforated Breakwater   G. E. Jarlan 1963
Stereo-orthography Map Making System - From Aerial Photographs   T.J. Blachut, Stanley Collins 1965
  Non-rejected Liposomes for Drug Delivery Dr. Terry Allen 1965
Rapseed Testing Process   Dr. Kieth Downey 1965
Football Goalpost "Slingshot" style Jim Trimble 1965
Rotary blow molding machine for manufacturing hollow plastic items like bottles Gustave Côté 1966
Agrifoam Crop Cold Protector   D. siminovitch & J. W. Butler 1967
  Pictographs for Public Signage Paul Arthur 1967
Long Basline Interferometer to measure small objects in space Allan Yen, John Galt, Jack Locke, Norman Broten, Robin Chisholm 1968
IMax Movie System   Grahame Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr 1968
Keefer Battery Carbohydrate Fuel Cell Richard Keefer 1968
CEA Cancer Test carcino embryonic antigen test Phil Gold 1968
Maple-sap Tapping Method Using Vacuum Denis Desilets 1970
SlickLicker Oil Spill Cleanup Richard Sewell 1970
Explosives Vapour Detector   Lorne Elias ?
Laser Sailboat   Bruce Kirby, Hans Fogh, Ian Bruce 1970
UV-degradable Plastics   Dr. James Guillet 1971
  Electric Prosthetic Hand Helmut Lucas 1971
  Geostationary Communications Satelite Telesat Canada 1972
Polypump Liquid Dispenser   Harold Humphery 1972
Computerized Braille   Roland Galarneau 1972
Roadway Guardrail   Lloyd Pinkney, Gordon Basso, Fred McCaffrey 1973
  Stol Airtransit De Haviland Aircraft 1974
Safety Paint glass-embedded high reflectivity paint Neil Harpham 1974
Tone-to-pulse Converter   Michael Cowpland 1974
  Treatment for Sick Elm Trees Kondo, Jorgensen, Roy 1975
  CANADARM Robotic Space Arm Spar Aerospace/NRC 1975
Wood Feed Cellulose based cattle feed Herb Kabfleisch 1975
Automatic Image Correlator recognized 3D contours and shapes in photographs G. Hobrough 1975
Gestalt Photo Mapper produced 3D digital terrain models from photographs G. Hobrough 1975
CN Tower World's Tallest Freestanding Structure Canadaian National Railways 1975
Trivial Pursuit   Chris Haney & Scott Abbott 1980
Light Pipe   Lorne Whitehead 1980
Puttacup Heat Vent Putting Hole Paul Wilson 1981
  Cancer Blood Test Dr. Phil Gold 1982
Emulsified Rubber Asphalt   Elaine Thompson 1982
Film Colourization video colourization Wilson Markle 1983
Abdominizer Sit-up Exersize Device Dennis Colonello 1984
Able Walker   Norm Rolston 1986
  Helicopter Fire-Fighting Bucket Don Arney 1986
Silicon Chip Blood Analyzer several other patents - - - Imants Lauks 1986
Nursing Mother Breast Pads   Marsha Skrypuch 1986
Fox 40 Whistle warbling sports/alarm whistle - no moving parts Ron Foxcroft 1987
  discoverd the gene that carries the cystic fibrosis defect lap-Chee Tsui & team 1989
  Advanced Space-Vision System NRC/Canadian Space Agency 1992
Ski-Wiz Water Ski Training Device Pam Townsend 1992
JAVA Programming Language James Gosling 1994
Dynastat Wheel The Dynastat wheel is powered by a radial motor inside the rim W.E. Thorton-Trump ?
Spirit Level to Measure Angle   Alexander More Chisholm ?
  Hot Water Process to Extract Oil from Tar Sands Karl A. Clark ?
Manipulo Motorized Articulated Arm for Wheelcharirs Jacques Forest ?
Roller Skate   Wallace Freeborn ?

Canadian Nobel Laureates

Hard Copy References for Canadian Inventors, Inventions and Scientists

The Inventors - Great Ideas in Canadian Enterprise by J.J. Brown
Great Canadian Scientists by Barry Shell
Canadian Scientists and Inventors by Harry Black
The Canadian Inventions Book by Janis Nostbakken and Jack Humphrey
Canada Firsts by Ralph Nader
Professional Engineering in Canada by Norman R. Ball

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