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From The Toronto Star, February 3rd, 2001

Silent Slaughter

Ivory Poachers in India's well known
Corbett National Park have turned to
a gruesome technique to silently kill
elephants in order to avoid using
firearms and escape detection. The
Hindustan Times reported that the
poachers have fed nails and shrapnel
mixed with dough or molasses to the
huge beasts in the park, which stretches
from northern India to Nepal. The news-
paper said the first killing was discov-
ered three months ago when rangers
followed a trail of blood to a dead bull
elephant. They reported that two other
elephants had also died from ingesting
jagged metal. Park warden Brijendra Singh
told reporters, "It is clear the elephant
was killed for ivory. It is an utterly des-
picable way of killing a harmless animal."

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