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Why the posting ID and why ASSENAV? I have a posting ID for The Soapbox separate from my regular eBay identity because sometimes strong ideas are expressed with the potential for great argument and I would not want these opinions to effect my auctions in any way, as they have with some others. I chose assenav because I feel like, when need be, I can let out the "Evil Me"! (Remember that episode of Star Trek with the Evil Captain Kirk?) I feel that here, unlike in "real" life I can express my thoughts without hesitation, knowing that some may agree and others may not; some might understand my weird sense of humour at times, and others might not, but it's all okay!

I enjoy writing out my thoughts in the "Box" because, no matter how articulated the words are in my head sometimes, the vocalization of them inevitably jumbles them into a semi-coherent parody of their true intent - then again, sometimes that even happens in the Box if I type too fast! The feedback is great too, whether it's agreement or an argument, it gets the mind working! No matter the coming changes to eBay, I hope that The Soapbox continues to be a good forum for us to discuss all kinds of ideas and learn from one another - I know I've learned a lot here - and also to just sit back and have fun with silly banter and trivia....lots of trivia!

I think that's why I prefer the Soapbox to other types of chat rooms or even other eBay discussion boards. In here we have a wide range of topics to go back and forth from - serious, not so serious and downright silly, and we all have different backgrounds and tastes, but we're all united with at least one common interest - eBaying!
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this was a parody I created of The [] when it had a different format that time the comments were tongue in cheek.

Late Night Care Kits
From better times in the box
when we had a huge thread and auctions dedicated
to the sharing of our regional food specialities.





The Harmony Thread!

About Sniping!

My Best Comeback to a Troll!

The Soapbox DickShunary

What a difference lesss than a year makes! Now I can barely stand to venture into the place to see if there is anything imortant I should know about or to check on a few of the remaining friends I have in there who are more courageous than I to continue posting. I'll stick to the few offline sites I now engage in where the atmosphere is so much more pleasant!

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