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BERRYTOWN (cp) Following
the meteoric rise in stardom for Strawberry Shortcake and her pals in the early 1980's life soon returned to the routine of berry picking in this idyllic community. For some however, life has become berry difficult. Unexpected changes in the corporate world have proven to have had detrimental effects on at least one of this town's berry pickers.
    Kool-Aid's decision to cease production of their popular raspberry flavour has left Raspberry Tart and her young family in hard times.
    Her once thriving raspberry farm is now a shell of its former self. She has since had difficulty getting a toe-hold into the lucrative jam market. "Kool-Aid assured us a long term contract and then without warning they pulled the rug out from under us. It has been berry hard to get back on our feet again." Kool-Aid management could not be reached for comment.
    She now works part-time as a waitress at a local eatery, while husband Huckleberry Pie works around the various local farms.
    "We're surviving and Huck works berry hard, but it's hard when you don't have any extra money at the end of the day for the little things."
    A former friend, who did not
wish to be revealed, blames Rasp-berry's short-lived affair with The Kool-Aid Man before marrying Huck. "She broke his heart," she claims, "and he's never forgiven
her for it."
    "That's a lie" Raspberry heat-
edly denies. "It was an amicable
split. We both had fun, but we
knew there was no future. Our
lives are too different. There
are people in this town, people
I used to consider friends, who
have turned their backs on Huck
& I since our difficulties.
Shortcake is one of the few people we can depend on. She truly has remained a good friend."
    "It's been berry hard on all of
us," says Strawberry. "We are
like family and the news was a complete shock to us all." Asked
if she's had any involvement in the recent 'Bring Back The Berry' campaign, she commented that "We've had a part in all of that,
and we're pleased with the prog-ress so far. But there is still so much to do."
    "I'm hopeful that this campaign might work," Raspberry says, "but we do have to consider that we may have to move to the city to look for work."
    "But that is only as the berry last option" her husband Huckle-berry quickly adds. "We do still love this town, and we have faith in the will of the people."
    "We will come through all of

Raspberry Tart along with she and Huckleberry Pie's growing family, including her old pet monkey Rhubarb.


LEFT: Raspberry in better times with her lifelong friend Strawberry Shortcake. RIGHT: Raspberry out on the
town with The Kool-Aid Man during their brief fling many years ago. She insists the end of this relationship
does not have anything to do with the current situation.
this" she adds hopefully. "I'm
hoping that there will be a real
groundswell of support. I know
a lot of people who just can't
understand why (Kool-Aid) would
do such a thing. There are a lot
of people who consider raspberry
to be their berry favourite
    If you are interested in the
Bring Back The Berry campaign
and wish to help out, please go to
                                  - Janet Juicer