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Please take a moment to read about some things you might want to think about the next time you go shopping.


Do they really make The Very Best?
Read the reasons why one might reconsider buying products made by Nestlé.

Find out all of the products Nestlé makes in Canada, The U.S., The U.K. & Australia.

Something else to consider regarding Nestlé;
until now Nestlé has been able to guarantee the growing number of severe allergy sufferers that their products are nut-free. They have just decided to begin using nuts in some of their recipes, which is fine, BUT could not a company as large and profitable as this afford to make these products in a separate facility to carry on the assurance?


Read countless reasons why Aspartame should not be included in anyone's diet in this very informative website with lots of links and boycotts of its own.


They have finally stopped testing on animals for products already on the market, but they stubbornly continue to use animal testing for their new products despite modern advances which have made animal testing unnecessary.

You might be surprised at how many different products this company makes.
There are alternatives.


Countless North American companies have their products manufactured in China because it's cheaper than paying the citizens of our own countries to make the items. Why? Because in China these items are made by forced labour, just one of the many human rights violations in that country.
Read the labels before you buy. Don't buy products Made In China.


Read some reasons why genetically modifying foods is not the right option for modern farming.

At the very least, GM food should be labelled so that consumers can have a choice.


For a variety of campaigns and petitions, from the sublime to the ridiculous, check out:

Boycotting is a start, but to get your message across to these companies fully, let them know that you no longer buy their products and why!