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The Following Items Are All Found In Toronto, Some Made Locally, Some From Around The World. These Items May Or May Not Be Easy To Locate In Various Cities Across North America! The Listings Are From Three Separate Auctions, So There May Be Duplicate Entries.




Humpty Dumpty Ketchup Potato Chips - This company is the second largest chip manufacturer up here and all Canuck too! They recently updated their mascot and he, well, um, looks like he's got the munchies if you know what I mean! ;)

Spicy Doritos - not sure if these are the same as the variety you have down there called Baja something or other. This is my fave flavour of Doritos. They aren't reeeally spicy though.

Ruffles All Dressed Potato Chips - not my favourite flavour of chips by any means, but I know some of you like 'em!

Miss Vickie's Jalepeņo Potato Chips - Delicious chips from one of the smaller chip manufacturers up here.

Orbitz - Natural Fruit Flavoured Beverage with suspended gel spheres floating in it!!! Black Currant Berry Flavour. Likely inspired by Asian drinks like bubble tea.

Portello - A pop from Britain, but made in Canada. This one's Ice Cream Soda Flavoured! It's pretty sweet and tastes like a cross between cream soda and rose water.

Coca Cola - ours is made with real sugar, not corn syrup!

Dare Maple Leaf Creme Cookies - like Oreos except with maple instead of chocolate and vanilla!

Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese - The same stuff you've got in the States, but a different name, and all of that nifty French stuff on the back!

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn - a fave since I was a wee one! I noticed a small change in the recipe a couple of years ago, but it's still fun to eat! The prizes aren't as good anymore though!

St. Hubert Poutine Gravy Mix - St. Hubert (hew-BARE) is a sit down chicken chain up here. This mix actually isn't the best mix around, but is does supply a photo of said dish (french fries with gravy & cheese curds)!

Mackintosh's Toffee - comes in a big brick! mmmmmmmm!

Allan's Swedish Berries - one of my favourite gummy candies, even though they make 'em a lot smaller than they used to!

Pure Maple Sugar Leaves - You can't get any more Canadian than these! This is pure maple in granulated form, pressed into leaf shapes. If you can't eat them as is you could always try them in your tea for a bit of an exotic flavour! You will get 8 of these in your package!

Kinder Surprise - (pronounced like kindergarten) A chocolate and white chocolate egg with a little toy inside that usually requires assembly!

Neilson Coconut chocolate bar & Bounty Bar - two coconut bars like your Mounds. Although a lot seem to prefer the Bounty Bar, I like the Neilson Coconut best of the three.

Limited Edition Oh Henry & Reese Peanut Butter Cups - both are special release versions of old classics, using Honey Roasted Peanuts instead of the regular ones! Very sweet.

Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar - a grown up chocolate bar! Delicious!

Coffee Crisp chocolate bar - "A nice Light Snack.....We like our coffee.....crisp!"

Mars Bar - Although you can get ones with nuts up here as well, the more familiar one up here is this one, sans nuts!

Crispy Crunch chocolate bar - It's crispy & it's crunchy...and yummy!

Eat-More chocolate bar - Ah yes. The famous Eat-More debate. Ya either love 'em or hate 'em! Apparently they are yummier now than they were 15 years ago, when, according to sources, it contained molasses. I love 'em! Not tooo sweet.

Cadbury Crunchie chocolate bar - Sponge toffee covered in chocolate! mmmmm!

Zero Bar - chocolate from Belgium!

Big Turk - turkish delight (rose flavoured) covered in chocolate!

Laura Secord French Mint Chocolate Bar - a yummy bar from a company named for our heroine of The War Of 1812. One can usually only buy their sweets, and ice cream too, from their own stores.

Laura Secord suckers - these bring back a lot of memories...I used to get one of these from my doctor every time I visited...and that was a lot when I was a kid!

Thrills - The gum that tastes like soap...seriously! I haven't bought these in a little while and imagine my surprise to find out that Wonka has bought out these guys (along with a lot of other smaller companies lately.) It used to come in a little box like Chiclets, but now it's in a foil package.....but they made sure to say that it "Still Tastes Like Soap!"

Smarties - just like plain M&M's....only better! ; ) Make sure you eat the red ones last! BTW, we've got the same candies you guys call Smarties, only we call them Rockets!

May West, Jos. Louis, Passion Flakie & Ah Caramel - Up here our primary snack cake maker is Vachon. As far as junky cake goes, I think Vachon is better than Little Debbie any day! Although several of their items contain the phrase "May include beef tallow", so some of them aren't vegetarian, if that is of any concern to anyone!

Flamingo Butter Tarts - butter tarts are a Canuck tradition...sort of like pecan pie without the pecans. Sometimes you can get them with raisins or currants in them. Of course these are going to be sweeter and not as good as homemade ones, but these have preservatives for the trip to the luck winner!

Cappucino Flavoured Trident Gum - This is brand new and I don't know who came up with this one, but it sure is weird!

Big Babol - bubble gum from Italy. The flavour goes away really fast, but I like the packaging!

Chocolate Loonies & Toonies - sweet versions of our one and two dollar coins respectively!

Smart(fx) "Alternative Beverage" - Supposedly good for ya...You'll need it after all of this stuff!




ALBERTA CRUDE Hot Sauce - As one might guess, this hot sauce hails from Alberta, Canada. It's very, very hot, but still has flavour to it....yummy!

JERK SEASONING PASTE - Made here in Toronto by Mr. Goudas, this type of seasoning hails from Jamaica. We have many restaurants here that specialize in "Jerk Chicken". It's very HOT - made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, the hottest - and is EXTREMELY's made with all kinds of unique herbs and spices. This can be used on meats other than chicken...or as I eat it, with vegetarian chicken patties!

BIRD'S CUSTARD POWDER - As the name suggests, this is a powder to make custard, for those who don't want to make it from scratch. Some might note the vanilla flavour it has. ;) A Special Bonus comes with this item....the recipe to the original Nanaimo Bar, which hails, ironically enough, from Nanaimo, B.C.!

E.D.SMITH RASPBERRY JAM - The best raspberry jam ever....need I say more?!

BILLY BEE HONEY - Canada's best known honey, made from bees that feast on clover from our northern climes!...And how can ya go wrong with a cute bear bottle?!

FRUTASTICA - A delicious fruity drink from Mexico in the coolest pop can ever! Contains mango and other fruits! It's only very slightly carbonated and needs to be shaken slightly befor opening.

ELDERFLOWER PRESSE A pleasant, tart drink...slightly fruity. Difficult to describe, but tasty. Not too sweet.

GOLDEN COCKEREL GINGER BEER - Made by Canada Dry, this is a step up in flavour from Ginger Ale....spicier...more ginger! This is an intermediate step between ginger ale and some of the Carribean ginger beer, which are really spicy!

WEST INDIES STYLE GINGER BEER - Made in T.O. by Mr. Goudas, this is one of those SPICY ginger beers! Youch! Yummy!

PANDAN & UBU CAKE - These are little snack cakes from The Phillipines - their version of Little Debbie's I guess. Not sure what pandan is, but ubu is a purple sweet potato. Not very sweet...nice with a little jam or butter.

SMARTIES - Much better than M&M's any day!!! Here is a full set of special lego-style containers full of these little morsels!

SOUR CHERRY BLASTERS - Yummy, gummy candies brought to you by the same people who make a certain soapboxer's favourite Swedish Berries!!

EAT-MORE BAR - The bar people either love or hate! I love 'em....chocolate and packed with peanuts...not too sweet at all!

COFFEE CRISP - "A Nice Light Snack".....chocolate, wafers and a light coffee flavour....YUM!

CADBURY HAZELNUT BAR - MMMMMMMM...smooth, chocolatey...and hazelnutty!!!

MANGO JELLY CUPS - From Taiwan, these are little, bite size containers of jell-o like sweets, made from vegetable source gelatin.

BOUNTY BAR & NEILSON COCONUT BAR - Two coconut filled chocolate bars, not unlike Mounds...but better, naturally!! ;) My hubby likes Bounty best, but I prefer the Neilson one!

STORCK TAMARIND CANDIES - As seen on are unusual candies from The Phillipines....weird, yes...but not as bad as I was expecting.....gotta try everything at least once!!

CADBURY CRUNCHIE - LIMITED EDITION - These are brand new!! Crunchies are an old stand-by...chocolate covered sponge toffee, but this one has a new twist!! The chocolate is Orange Crush flavoured! Tried this yesterday for the first time....DELISH!

BIG TURK - Chocolate covered Turkish Delight....rose flavoured!!

ALLEN'S GOURMET LICORICE - From B.C., squishy soft, delicious and all natural licorice!

KIT KAT - Don't be fooled by American imposters!!! This is a REAL Kit Kat bar!! ;) I saw a documentary on these wouldn't believe the technology and research that goes into making these JUST RIGHT!! The factory is just a 25 minute walk from my house and the smell wafts over that area...MMMM!!

COW CANDIES I don't know what these are really called, but they come from Poland and my hubby is addicted to them!! They are vanilla fudge, and sometimes one gets the ones that are still gooey in the centre...he loves those!!

THRILLS - Our famous purple gum that, yes, "Still tastes like soap"!! Similar in taste to Choward's Violet Gum. A unique chewing experience...not to be missed!!!

BIG BABOL - Bubble Gum from Italy!!

SOUR GOBS - Hard sour candy with gum in the centre, from Ireland!

SESAME SNAPS - Thin wafer-like candy made from sesame seeds. Made in Poland! When I was really little this was one of the few sweets I was allowed!

SHREDDIES - Formerly made by Nabisco, but now by Post, I grew up a 5 minute walk away from the factory, that still makes this cereal, in Niagara Falls. I smelled these baking almost everyday, and ate them fairly often too! Post altered the recipe somewhat a few years back, when they took over, and I don't like them quite as much now, but they are still tasty!

PRESIDENT'S CHOICE ROASTED ONION & GARLIC CHIPS - Thick cut and prepared in olive oil...these are soooo good!!! Addictive!

MISS VICKIE'S SEA SALT & MALT VINEGAR CHIPS - I'm not a big fan of malt vinegar myself, but anyone who is will certainly enjoy this take on S&V chips!

LAY'S SALT & VINEGAR CHIPS - Now, THESE are salt & vinegar chips!! Crunch, crunch, crunch...oops guess I'll have to buy another bag! ;)

RUFFLE'S ALL DRESSED - Not my bag at all, but I know a lot of people like this flavour!

ROOT CHIPS - Made by a small company here in town, these chips are made from carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and parsnips. Thin, delicate and oh so good!! Like butter!

SHIN RAMYUN - Noodle soup mix from Korea - I like to refer to this as X-TREME Ramen!! ;) Better than your average 4 for a dollar ramen, this is REALLY spicy!!

PLANTAIN CHIPS - Another Carribean inspired treat, these are chips made from the plantain which is similar to the banana!

ORIENTAL MIX - I call these "Chinese Bits & Bites"! A snack mix made of different goodies all made from rice flour.

SWEET POTATO SNACK - From Korea, these aren't exactly savoury and they're not exactly sweet either.... They have a very subtle flavour...and don't be alarmed by the little black specks....they are black sesame seeds!

OKINAMIYAKI CHIPS - From Japan, these potato chips are supposedly flavoured like some sort of noodle dish...interesting...

OISHI BEER MATCH PIZZA SQUARES - Again from the Phillipines, these fried snacks have a pizza flavour to them which is surprisingly accurate! For a good chuckle, they have an unusual description on the bag...




ROOT CHIPS...Made in Toronto, these light and crispy chips are made from Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Beets and Parsnips. Very lightly salted and extremely addictive!

JERK SAUCE...Originally hailing from the Caribbean, Jerk Sauce is a traditional flavouring made from an exotic blend of spices and contains Scotch Bonnets...the HOTTEST pepper around...hotter than a habanero! Most commonly used for Jerk Chicken but can also be used with other meats or even vegetarian dishes!

PORTELLO...Mixed Berry flavour beverage. From England...very yummy!

GINGER BEER...Think of this as X-TREME Ginger Ale! Spicy good! Non-alcoholic.

KINDER EGGS...A package of four hollow chocolate and white chocolate eggshells, each filled with a little toy, usually requiring assembly by a nimble fingered youngster! Hard to find in many U.S. cities!

PEANUT PUNCH...An unusual Caribbean drink made guessed it...peanuts!

PLANTAIN CHIPS...A yummy salted snack made from Plantains, a banana-like vegetable!

SWEDISH BERRIES...My favourite gummy treat! MMMMMMMM Raspberry good!

KIT KAT...Don't be fooled by the Hershey-made Kit Kats available in the U.S.....this is the real thing!! Delicious!

COFFEE CRISP...A delicious, chocolate covered wafer bar with the delicate flavour of coffee...A favourite "Nice, Light Snack" from Canada!