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Hey Kool-Aid! It's Time To Bring Back The Berry!!!

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Contact Kool-Aid and let them know that Raspberry Kool-Aid is sorely missed!!

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To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to ask you to please bring back Raspberry Kool-Aid! It is my favourite flavour and I really miss it. I haven't seen it on my store shelves in years. I keep hoping that I will see it restocked, and I'm always disappointed when it's not there. How could you get rid of such a classic flavour - one of the originals even? NONE of the other raspberry drink mixes compare and the various Kool-Aid berry-blended flavours certainly don't cut it! Hey Kool-Aid! It's Time To BRING BACK THE BERRY!!! Oh, Yeah! Please.
Thanks For Your Help!


  Nice Try, but, um....NO!!!  
There are few combination style flavours that contain, among other things, raspberry in them, but they just don't hit the mark!
Raspberry well and truly deserves to stand on its own, as it did from Kool-Aid's inception in 1927 until the flavour's sudden and surprising disappearance as much as approximately a decade ago in some areas!


  THIS Is The Stuff!  

Special Thanks To Kim who sent me 5 packages of it!
She bought them some time ago from a discontinued rack and they have
been sitting on her shelf. Alas and alack, they have gone stale.
The crusade continues.....


Straight from my friend Monica in Washington State!
It's raspberry....but it turns blue when you add water,
not unlike the Ice Blue variety pictured above.
It says nothing on the package about any other flavours mixed in
but it still has a more tart flavour than the genuine article
- incidentally, I just found out,
the favourite flavour of Kool-Aid's inventor Edwin Perkin.

What would HE think if he knew it was no longer on the menu!?

C'mon guys! Bring back the real thing!

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