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Welcome to The Soupbox Discussion Board! This board is for eBore members to bicker back and forth endlessly about how eBore should be run explicitly for their own benefit. If you are not an eBore registered user, please take a flying leap off of the nearest cliff first - it's fast and free! Otherwise, click below to start a discussion or enter an existing thread. Prior to posting, please read and familiarize yourself with the eBore Board Usage Policies and realize that any comments or suggestions posted here will have no effect whatsoever to eBore policies.

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We Appreciate Your Patience.
Thank You.

This web page is a humorous attempt to show that with very little time and effort changes can be made to this system easily enough. So, how about it guys? Improvements are needed!

I hope this page is taken in the satirical light it has been intended.

No hamsters were harmed in the creation of this page.

This page is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the companies spoofed within.

Thank you and have a pleasant day. : ) Mwa Ha Ha Haaaa!

We Now Return You To Regularly Scheduled Programming.

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